Securitizing biomedical data

Network Bio facilitates precision medicine through the creation of research-grade data assets in concert with healthcare institutions

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Biobanks are the next frontier of Precision Medicine

Network Bio’s securitization model activates biobanks with the infusion of capital, biobank operators, and best-in-class researchers.

Creating research-grade datasets requires clinical and biomedical informatics expertise. Generating insights requires academic and industry collaborations

Network Bio’s platform supports operational workflows from sample collection to data analytics. We invest in biobanking operations and clinical informatics so our partners can prioritize resourcing patient care.

Multimodal de-identified data libraries, generated from biobanks

Our model addresses capital and resourcing constraints healthcare institutions face. We enable sponsored sequencing and the provision of biobanking and data-warehousing infrastructure.

Network Bio is the honest broker between healthcare institutions and industry partners for precision medicine advancement

Network Bio’s mission is to provide world-class data for biomedical innovation to the benefit of patients and healthcare institutions. Working together, we can drive measurable progress in important therapeutic areas.